Saturday, May 29, 2010

So here's the very first post of my very new blog. There needed to be a starting over, especially since the last post on Scribbles and Such is 3 years old and nothing on there is reflective of how I've changed as a person and scribbler. I fully intend to keep up with this blog because I fully intend to actually do some drawings. Hopefully.

The bear wrestler here isn't all that new, I did it over the summer but it always makes me happy when I look at it. Why is he a bear? And wrestling? These are the questions to which we will never have answers. Either way, it's up. Yay!


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  2. Very nice drawing Salma! Can't wait to see more as they come.

  3. That's weird. The older post said the exact same thing but had too many typos in it so I reposted it!